Workforce Development & Economic Justice

PowerCorpsPHL (PCPHL)
Funder: PowerCorpsPHL
Project Time Period: 2017-2018

Project Category: Crime & Violence Reduction/Workforce Development/Evaluation and Performance Measurement Capacity Building/Formative Evaluation

About PCPHL: PowerCorpsPHL (PCPHL) is a cross-sector collaborative model that engages opportunity youth and returning citizens in career pathways through service experiences. Working closely with Philadelphia Parks and Recreation, the Philadelphia Water Department, and partners in the public and private sector, PCPHL builds opportunities for young people to create promising futures by tackling pressing environmental challenges and developing the skills required to secure meaningful work.

The Work: MAI assisted PCPHL to codify its model, develop and implement program monitoring tools and processes, and evaluate its long-term outcomes – employment, recidivism, and educational attainment – and short-term outcomes – social-emotional skills, social capital, and environmental stewardship. Working in close collaboration with PCPHL, MAI’s project supports the development of a performance measurement strategy. 

What We Learned: Results indicated that program participants, called Corps Members, had very low recidivism rates and that a majority transitioned into unsubsidized employment or enrolled in a post-secondary education program. Results also showed that older youth were more likely to be successful in the program. Key findings from our research activities informed the development of PCPHL’s Outcomes Framework.