Workforce Development & Economic Justice

Episcopal Community Services (ECS) MindSet Program Evaluation
Funder: Episcopal Community Services
Project Time Period: 2019-Present

Project Category: Workforce Development/Summative Evaluation/Impact Evaluation

About MindSet: MindSet is a program developed by Episcopal Community Services (ECS) that is free for all accepted participants. MindSet pairs one-on-one coaching with group training to help individuals set goals, develop skills, and achieve self-sufficiency.

The Work: MAI is currently engaged in the evaluation of MindSet. The goals of the evaluation are to obtain rigorous estimates of the effects of the program on its intended outcomes among MindSet program participants and to assess the extent to which the program is being implemented as designed. The evaluation is exploring variations in the way the program is put into practice, including factors that determine the quality of programming as well as the participants’ overall experience. The outcomes study will document participant outcomes over the short—and possibly long term. This integrated approach will also provide evidence of what implementation factors are associated with positive outcomes for program participants. Data collected will provide indications of how MindSet can and should be implemented.