MAI, in partnership with Research for Action (RFA), commissioned by the Wallace Foundation, summarized the evidence on the effectiveness of out of school time programs within the context of the Every Student Succeeds Act. "Afterschool Programs: A Review of Evidence Under the Every Student Succeeds Act," reviews research from 2000 to 2017 and finds 128 afterschool programs with research that meets the requirements of ESSA’s top three tiers. Download the final report here!


McClanahan Associates, Inc. (MAI), practices a strong collaborative and team-oriented approach. We value close cooperation with organizations in order to create realistic, meaningful, and credible evaluation designs, without overburdening onsite staff with time-consuming, extraneous data collection activities. As a team, we believe that suitable evaluation activities are only those intended to strengthen a program, and we, therefore, implement program-specific, developmentally appropriate evaluation activities. In evaluating initiatives in the early implementation stage, we focus on building data collection systems and teaching the program staff to collect and use data to improve programs. Our evaluations of mature programs involve a customized impact study to investigate if, and, more importantly, how the program changes the lives of its participants. We also specialize in formative evaluations of programs at various stages of development, and have applied our evaluation, technical assistance, and philanthropic services expertise in a variety of fields.