Sara Greenfield Research Associate

Sara Greenfield

Sara Greenfield is a Research Associate at MAI. In her capacity as a Project Manager, Sara has led and overseen numerous diverse projects at MAI. Her experience extends across a spectrum of sectors, including social, health, education, and environmental justice. Sara also brings valuable experience in evaluating learning networks and communities of practice.

Sara is a mixed-methods researcher and is committed to applying a racial equity lens and cultural humility to all of her evaluation work. She is dedicated to gathering nuanced, systematic information about program implementation, constituent voices and experiences, programmatic outcomes, and areas of opportunity. Sara's passion infuses depth and inclusivity into her evaluation work, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of diverse perspectives and advancing equity within her projects.

Sara, a first-generation Latina college graduate, earned her B.A. in Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience from Temple University.

Sara, her husband Cliff, and two kiddos enjoy exploring outside, cooking and baking together, reading, and doing puzzles!

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