Wendy McClanahan  President/CEO

Wendy McClanahan

Wendy McClanahan is McClanahan Associate’s (MAI) President/CEO. Wendy uses her research and evaluation expertise to help programs, initiatives, and organizations maximize their impact, improve their practice, and fuel systemic change. Her approach centers the expertise and assets of the organizations she works with and the people they serve.

Over her career, Wendy has led studies of out-of-school time and mentoring programs, violence and crime reduction programs, health equity initiatives, and employment and training programs. She also works with organizations to help them grow their evaluation and learning capacity.

Prior to forming MAI, Wendy was senior vice president for research and evaluation at Public/Private Ventures. She has a PhD in Criminology from the University of Pennsylvania and a MS in Human Development from Penn State. 

Wendy lives in the Philadelphia area and enjoys hanging out with her family and friends, playing games, and doing things that get her outside, like skiing and (leisurely) swimming (also known as “floating”).

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