Crime & Violence Reduction

Funder: The Lenfest Foundation
Project Time Period: 2012-2015

Project Category: Crime & Violence Reduction/Formative Evaluation/Summative Evaluation

About TCY: TCY is a Philadelphia-based alternative-to-incarceration program for first-time, nonviolent felony drug dealers facing one- to two-year minimum mandatory state prison sentences. Participants receive community-based services and are monitored by the court system for approximately one year.

The Work: MAI conducted a formative and summative evaluation of TCY. This effort combined both qualitative and quantitative methods, such as site visits, focus groups, baseline and follow-up participant surveys, and criminal records. MAI has also worked to bolster program implementation by building upon an existing data collection system and establishing benchmarks for the program.

What We Learned: Download MAI's “The Choice is Yours: Early Implementation of a Diversion Program for Felony Offenders” report to learn about the key implementation lessons gleaned from the evaluation.

Download our "The Choice is Yours Benefits of Diversion for Nonviolent Felony Offenders" final report to read about TCY’s outcomes.