Wendy McClanahan  President/CEO

Wendy McClanahan

Wendy McClanahan is president and founder of MAI. Dr. McClanahan has over twenty years of evaluation experience, and is committed to “evaluation for progress.” Her work focuses on generating information that will help support the implementation of effective programs and strategies within the government, nonprofit, and private sectors. She is an expert in quantitative methods and impact, process, and outcome studies, and has focused extensively on evaluations of programs and initiatives designed to assist high-risk populations. 

Dr. McClanahan has been involved in several evaluations of out-of-school time programming, crime reduction, and employment and training efforts, and has a deep understanding of how these systems function. Dr. McClanahan served as the principal investigator of the impact evaluation of Philadelphia’s Youth Violence Reduction Partnership (YVRP), which has worked to reduce youth homicides in Philadelphia for over a decade. She has been the principal investigator of the Elev8 initiative since 2008, and guided the evaluation process and technical assistance efforts, which aim to understand how Elev8 sites and programs can strengthen their work to support positive trajectories for participants. As a result of this effort, Elev8 has adopted one of the most comprehensive data collection efforts of the community schools movement.

Dr. McClanahan has authored numerous reports, including:

"Out of School Time in Elev8 Community Schools: A First Look at its Unique Contribution to Student Outcomes"

"Illuminating Solutions: The Youth Violence Reduction Partnership"

"Mentoring the Formerly Incarcerated Adults: Insight from Ready4Work Reentry Initiative"

"Mustering the Armies of Compassion: Youth Education for Tomorrow"

"Enriching Summer Work: The Summer Career Exploration Program"

"Targeted Outreach: Boys and Girls Clubs of America’s Approach to Gang Prevention and Intervention"

"Murder Is No Mystery: An Analysis of Philadelphia Homicides 1996-1999" 

Prior to forming McClanahan Associates, Inc., Dr. McClanahan spent eighteen years at Public/Private Ventures, the last seven of which she served as senior vice president for research and evaluation. Dr. McClanahan received her Ph.D. in criminology from the University of Pennsylvania. She holds an M.S. in human development from the Pennsylvania State University and a B.A. in psychology from Lehigh University.

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